Our mission is to advance equitable communication access through the provision of exact transcription of the spoken word.

We create and provide transcripts directly to the customer in a rich text format (.rtf) document. RTF is a text file format used by Microsoft products, such as Word and Office. This file can be viewed in almost any word processor.

Our Values

iYellow Captions work is guided by our core values.

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Raising the Bar

We continually strive to hold ourselves and our clients accountable to higher expectations. We break barriers to communication.

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Celebrate Differences

We celebrate our diversity and are proud of our differences. We look for the unique qualities and perspectives each person and partner brings to our team.  It is through this lens we are better positioned to assist those in need of our services.  

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Equitable Access

We participate and champion diversity and inclusivity in connection through communication.

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Be In It Together

When we do well, we all do well and when we have challenges, we work through them together.  

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Our Solution

iYellow Captions provides essential services to create equitable digital communications for organizations and businesses.

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On-Site CART & Captioning

Caption services are provided on-site

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Remote CART & Captioning

Captions delivered over a high-speed network remotely

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Video Captioning

Links are provided for captioning over live and recorded video.

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Speech-to-text through cutting-edge technology.

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We want you to gain a full understanding of the positive impact captioning can have.

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