Who We Are

Equitable accessibility should be the standard for any business. There should never be a situation when someone is unable to complete an essential job or educational function due to limited accommodations. Our mission is to advance equitable communication access by providing exact transcriptions of the spoken word.

Woman signing to an audience at an outdoor event

iYellow Captions provides numerous services to reach these necessary accommodations, such as on-site CART, remote CART, and video captioning. We utilize high-speed networks and the latest technology to make our services as convenient and efficient as possible.

If your business or organization is ready to raise the bar and incorporate communication access services, iYellow Captions is here to help.

Our Values

Equitable Access

Participate and champion diversity and inclusivity by connecting through communication.

Celebrate Differences

We celebrate our diversity and are proud of our differences. We look for the unique qualities and perspectives each person and partners bring to our team. It is through this lens we are better positioned to assist those in need of our services.

Raise the Bar

We continually strive to hold ourselves and our clients accountable to higher expectations and break the barriers and assumptions of the status quo.