Due to COVID-19, more people are using online services to communicate while keeping everyone safe. While health is of the highest importance, sometimes organizations and businesses are not adequately equipped to handle this transition to remote meetings, seminars, classrooms, and more. At iYellow Captions, we aim to change that by equipping companies with a variety of options which are now more relevant than ever.

What We Can Provide

Remote CART

We use a high-speed network to instantly stream captions to your website. The CART reporter is connected to the stream and simultaneously sends them with almost no delay.

Webinar and Video Captioning

We offer captioning for both live and recorded video. For live events, we will either provide a link that allows the captions to be viewed separately, or we will provide an iframe link which allows the viewer to see the captions over the video.


iYellow uses the latest technology to craft speech-to-text remote captioning, bringing results in real-time for Deaf people.

Benefits of Captioning During COVID-19

Meetings and events through webcams have become common, but for a Deaf person, it can make communication much more difficult if the organization is not properly prepared to provide equal access. At iYellow, we can easily offer accommodations, so everyone has access to everything needed to perform essential job or educational functions.

Does Your Business or Organization Need Captioning Services?

If your business or organization uses remote communication during COVID-19, it’s essential you are creating an equal access environment. iYelllow can provide the expert captioning services you need. Contact us today to get started.