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At iYellow Captions, we provide quality caption and transcription services for companies and organizations. Whether you have in-person conference or a remote webinar, we have the technology and skill to deliver speech-to-text in real time with nearly no delay.

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What We Do

Equitable access is always our goal and caption services have many unique uses. From assisting the Deaf community to simply giving people the chance to read along and better understand what’s being said, caption services can be helpful and convenient for many.

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How We Can Help

We offer numerous accessibility services, so which one is best for you and the needs of your audience? iYellow Caption is here to help you figure out the best possible plan.

We have a team of highly trained experts who are eager and waiting to help your business or organization grow closer to knocking down unnecessary barriers. All it takes is a simple consultation to get started on the right track.

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On-Site CART

Providing live captions in-person

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Remote CART

Captions streamed across numerous devices remotely

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Video Captioning

We provide links to view captions over or alongside videos

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Using the latest technology for accurate speech-to-text translations

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Let’s Raise the Bar

If you have any questions regarding captioning or transcriptions, or you’re looking to get started, contact iYellow Captions today for a consultation. We’ll help you come up with the most convenient and beneficial plan for everyone!

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